SharePoint Virtual Summit

Microsoft at the SharePoint Virtual Summit 2017 announced many new features in SharePoint Online, OneDrive… and SharePoint 2016!

Let’s make a quick review.

My favourite features:

OneDrive Files On-Demand

This feature allows you to work with your files from Office 365 directly from File Explorer, and without downloading them.blog_svs2017_OneDrive

PowerApps forms inside SharePoint

We will be able to use PowerApps to create custom forms for any list or library in SharePoint Online!


Modern admin center

SharePoint Online administration will be more powerful and intuitive in the upcoming update. Redesigned home page with most important information, intuitive site management, new sharing and device access options and more setting options will come this year.



SharePoint Framework for SharePoint 2016

Create pages and webpart using open framework and tools coming to SharePoint 2016 this year. We will be able to create webparts and pages in SharePoint Online and use them online or on-prem. It will be available in the Feature Pack 2 later this year!


Features list grouped by availability

Coming soon

  • OneDrive Files On-Demand
  • Share from File Explorer and Finder
  • Simplified shareing experience
  • Expanded shareing contrils for admins
  • PowerApps forms inside SharePoint
  • Enriched PowerApps connector
  • New filed types (image, taxonomy, lookup to SharePoint) in PowerApps, Flow and Power BI
  • Add PowerApps to Power BI
  • List and library web parts for modern pages
  • Communication sites
  • Multi-column page layours
  • People cards on SharePoint home
  • View news on SharePoint app for Windows 10 Mobile
  • Personalized search in Delve
  • Find people by skills and interests
  • Connectors in Yammer groups
  • Dynamic group membership in Yammer
  • Share and play Microsoft Stream and Office 365 Video inline in Yammer

By year end

  • Microsoft Flow integration with OneDrive
  • Add Office 365 Groups resources to sites
  • Connect existing sites to Office 365 Groups
  • SharePoint pages in Microsoft Teams
  • PowerApps web parts for modern pages
  • Simple document approval flows
  • Intelligent indexing for large lists
  • Further integration with Microsoft Teams
  • New site usage page
  • Additional web parts and page capabilities
  • On-premises support and author news in SharePoint app for Android
  • Personalized search in SharePoint home
  • Yammer integration with Communicatiosn sites
  • New Yammer iPad and desktop apps
  • Modern admin center


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