Read the next followup after SharePoint Saturday Warsaw! Here we introduce Thorbjørn Værp, SharePoint consultant from Point Taken AS, Norway, who talked about implementing Office Online Server and Office 365 Useradmin with PowerShell. Thorbjørn agreed to write a few words about his work as a SharePoint consultant and cool new thing in SharePoint. Read the Q&A below!

How did you get involved in SharePoint? Is there a particular thing that drew you to it?

In 2004 I moved back to my hometown Kristiansand after 7 years at the internal IT-Department at Visma (ERP Software Company). Then I was a senior consultant at Atea, but I wasn’t very fond of just changing servers, SAN, working with Active Directory, or do some Cisco/FW implementations. I was more interested in business processes and how to work smarter. As SharePoint Portal Server 2003 was on the market, I instantly fell in love with SP, and the rest is history 🙂 From 2004 I’ve been working 100% (or more :)) with all versions of SharePoint/SharePoint Online. Today still there are one customer in Kristiansand region running Portal Server 2003!


Apart from SharePoint, what are your other favourite technologies? Why?

Azure and B2C/B2B -Identity Management, because so many SharePoint projects are either hybrid and/or need to invite external users.


You have taken part in various SharePoint Saturdays. What are your impressions from those events?  In what way they benefit SharePoint communities all over the globe?

I am so impressed with all the great effort the organizers and staff at SPS’s all over the globe put in to the events. And since those events are free, my impression is that the speakers, sponsors, and organizers do this as a lifestyle, just because they love sharing and caring about SharePoint.


What do you think about announcements from the Ignite conference? How they will influence the daily work with SharePoint and Office 365?

As always there are some major announcements at Ignite. Threat defence in Azure and threat defence in O365 will be a major game changer for corporates sitting on the fence of moving to SPO and OneDrive4B. MyAnalytics, the new name for Delve, is very interesting, and will help users to see what they’re really focusing on at work. Windows Server 2016 and the Docker engine will make it incredibly easy for developers and IT administrators to leverage container-based deployments using Windows Server 2016. And last but not least the announcement of the technical community. The Microsoft Technical Communities (MSTC) program helps community leaders worldwide get connected with the content, speakers, and sponsorship they need to help lead successful user groups!


As a consultant, have you seen many SharePoint disasters? What is the most certain way to avoid them (and on the other hand what people do to have them coming)?

Hehe 🙂 Yes, I’ve seen them all. The most certain way to avoid them is testing, testing and testing.


What would you say to an organization that considers implementing SharePoint? What are the top 3 business benefits?

I will say: identify your pains and business process bottlenecks. Rank the top 5 and analyze them with your local SharePoint consultant/company to see if SharePoint is the best tool to address them.If you will find that SharePoint workss for at least 3 of them, so go for it!


What 3rd party solutions for SharePoint are the most useful for you?

Well, there are a lot of good solutions out there! None mentioned none forgotten 🙂 In my day to day SharePoint life I use and mod open source projects from Github and Codeplex a lot, like Office PnP, AutoSP installer and so on. I just love the open source SP communities.

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