Gokan Ozcifci, SharePoint MVP, and independent consultant, was a speaker at SharePoint Saturday Warsaw where he talked about bare essentials for Office 365 and hybrid SharePoint deployments. As a followup after the conference we asked him a few questions about his experiences as a MVP, views on the SharePoint community and opinions on the future of SharePoint. Read the interview below!

As a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional what is your experience of having that title? What is the greatest advantage of obtaining it? Is it helpful in professional career? What would you recommend for people trying to earn this distinction? 

The golden formula is – in my humble opinion – ‘Sharing is Caring’… When you share your knowledge with the community it’s a normal procedure to obtain the MVP title! If you want to get the title, don’t work for it, but for the community. Every single achievement should be done for the community by the community.

You have taken part in various SharePoint Saturdays. What are your impressions from those events?  In what way they benefit SharePoint communities all over the globe?

I’ve been doing a lot of conferences and SharePoint Saturdays and I can guarantee you SharePoint community rocks. During Ignite 2016 we had like +5000 SharePoint tweets and a lot of O365 + SharePoint sessions. SharePoint is doing well and is alive! If you want to learn and share your knowledge with your peers – and all this for free – then GO to every conference you can 🙂

What do you think about Ignite announcements? How will they influence the daily work with SharePoint and Office 365?

Absolutely, Microsoft is listening to customers and the community! When you check the announcements, you’ll see a lot of them are feedback or responses to error reporting from the community/customers. I am pretty sure that if we continue like this, we can create the perfect ecosystem.

Have you already had experience with SharePoint Framework? If so, how do you rate it? Will it bring a new quality to the client-side development?

No, I’m an ITPRO 🙂

2017 for SharePoint on-prem, cloud and hybrid? What will the future bring?

SharePoint Server has his benefits like MinRole or Fast Site Collection Creation, and so does Office365 with Delve or Planner. So we are not in a world of “SharePoint or Office365” but in the world of “SharePoint and Office365”. So take the advantage of both platform and go hybrid! In that topology you will get the benefits of the both platforms!

Gokan was the first of SharePoint experts and MVPs we interviewed. Stay tuned for more guest appearances very soon!


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