Microsoft unveils what’s next for SharePoint

SharePoint Team Site

SharePoint Team Site

Big news for everyone worried about recent developments in the SharePoint industry. Julia White, general manager for the Office Product Management team in Microsoft, posted on Office Blogs her vision of SharePoint evolution in the years to come. You can read the Office Blogs post HERE.

In short, SharePoint Online will be further integrated into Office 365, providing customers the unified Office experience. That means  the SharePoint brand is going to be even less prominent and eventually removed from the cloud in favor of smaller solutions like O365 Groups, Power BI or OneDrive for Business. SharePoint mechanisms will naturally work underneath, but they will not be branded as such to end users. Hard task for SharePoint marketers.

On the other hand, as many companies still are wary of moving to the cloud, SharePoint on-prem will continue to be developed in the foreseeable future, with SharePoint Server 2016 coming out some time later this year, and with huge effort put on hybrid deployments. More details will be given at the Ignite conference this May in Chicago.

What can this mean for SharePoint users and developers? Share your thoughts!

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